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This program is a working demo only.
The program is showing one (the) way of implementing the danish cookie law.

In order to make the program it has been nessesary to modify both CMSimple version 3.4 and the default template.

To try the demo please press: DEMO

The concept is basiscally a .htaccess file and two CMSimple version 3.4+ indside each other.

The .htaccess file is looking for a cookie (stored information) and selects which of the two CMSimple version 3.4+ to use.

The version selected if no cookie exists will do all the explanations about cookies, privacy policy and alow the user either to set a 'informed consent' cookie or leave the site.

The version selected if cookie exists will allow the user to see which data the stored cookies contains and allow the user to outdate the cookies (recall consent).
The outdate is the only possibility as PHP can not delete cookies.

The demo version will accept three languages even it is based on the danish version of cookie law (primarily) 

In order to make the demo both templates have been modified and both CMSimple version 3.4 have been updated to be able to used at PHP 5.4 and allow the cookie handling.

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