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Here is Circus cookies EU

We are sorry that we are not complying to the danish version of the cookie act.

We gain information from your computer (some call it a cookie) without informing of gattered data, what it is used for and how to remove cookies (the data) from your presently used browser before we have your informed consent. 

This information should be given even though we presently do not use cookies, but you have given us the information: You have not agreed to accept cookies.

The sample program DEMO looks for a cookie not being stored.

We are not able to supply the required identification for the person involved as this would be a violation of the personal protection law and will aid identity theft.
For danish private webmasters it is suggested to call the webmaster an association with the same name as the domain. There are no formal rules for identification or registrating of danish associations. 
The danish law requires that we supply the user 'forever' with the data which we have ever stored (or gained access to) on the present computer with the present browser. We we can not comply as we do not know if the user have used the browsers cookie delete function. We can only show present data.  

The DEMO site do not use external links as the webmaster will take over the cookie resposibilyties from the third party. A sample of the needed text (google analytics) may be found here.

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